The process of working together.

How it works

Each course consists of half-hour phone calls over the period of one or three weeks, depending on which ones you choose. You get to schedule the times that work best for you.

Everyone learns differently and some techniques that work well for some won't work for others. That is why I work one-on-one to personally help you grow life-altering habits and find methods that keep you accountable.

Extended Courses

First call (week 1): Introduction and Session 1
Second call (week 1): Check-in and Session 2
Third call (week 2): Check-in and Session 3
Fourth call (week 2): Check-in and Session 4
Fifth call (week 3): Final check-in

Mini Courses

First call (week 1): Introduction and Session 1
Second call (week 1):Session 2 and Final check-in

If you choose multiple courses, they are designed to be scheduled back to back or spread out over time so you aren't overwhelmed. Need additional support? I offer extended check-ins after the last call. Whatever works best for you.

When ready, schedule a free introductory session so we can get to know each other and you can have all your questions answered.

Book a Free Introductory Session

What my clients are saying...

"You work hard to infuse the clients ideas and not your own."

"That you are personable, easy to converse with, and have a way of interpreting and understanding what it is that they are trying to say. You're like a mind reader."

"She asks just the right questions to help understand your mission, but these questions also help organize your own thoughts and ideas. You'll leave the consultation feeling inspired and motivated.

"You are extremely patient, and very creative, and able to execute your idea in the most organized ways.

"I appreciate your timely replies, emails and sense of caring. I feel you put a lot of time and energy into me as a client. But, I'm also someone that likes people I know I can count on, which is super important and I feel I do with you."
—New Client

"My biggest learning experience was my own growth and figuring out the direction I was going to take. You helped get that out of me, guide me in the right direction. I also trusted you (which I don't with many) that I could run things by you or where I was going, you gave me your honest opinion. You get me and my creative vision — it's been a great business collaboration."

"I always tell my clients and friends how intuitive and easy you are to work with. While working on our projects together, there's always a point where I can almost hear the "click!" when all of the questions and ideas snap together in a way that I might not have considered before. During the process, I've always felt that my input was truly heard with all of my feelings considered. That's a big deal for creatives and since you are one, that familiarity shines through!"