Start today for a beneficial tomorrow.

Everyone learns differently and some techniques that work well for some won't work for others. That is why I work one-on-one to personally help you grow life-altering habits and find methods that keep you accountable.

How it works

Each course consists of half-hour phone calls over the period of one or three weeks, depending on which ones you choose. You get to schedule the times that work best for you.

Extended Courses

First call (week 1): Introduction and Session 1
Second call (week 1): Check-in and Session 2
Third call (week 2): Check-in and Session 3
Fourth call (week 2): Check-in and Session 4
Fifth call (week 3): Final check-in

Mini Courses

First call (week 1): Introduction and Session 1
Second call (week 1):Session 2 and Final check-in

If you choose multiple courses, they are designed to be scheduled back to back if you like, or spread out over time so you aren't overwhelmed. Need additional support? I offer extended check-ins after the last call. Whatever works best for you.

When ready, purchase a package to begin the process. After submitting, I will be in touch to schedule your sessions. Questions? See the FAQ section at the bottom of the page, read through client kudos, or click set up a free strategy session to get all your questions answered.

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Extended Healthy Habit Courses

5 x 30-minute phone calls over three weeks + handouts

Reduce Your Use: Cutting Back on Social Media Without Deleting Your Accounts
  1. Estimating and Measuring
  2. Living With and Without
  3. Algorithms and Privacy
  4. Better Sleep Habits

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Don't need personal coaching?
Get the downloadable version instead

End Over-Scheduling: Balancing Life's Needs With our Own
  1. An Accomplished Day
  2. Being a Workaholic
  3. Kind refusals
  4. Capture Your Thoughts

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Standing Up: How to Participate in Politics Without Losing Your Sanity
  1. Filters and Confirmation Bias
  2. Sourcing the News
  3. Adult Bullying
  4. Supporting a Cause

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Mini Healthy Habit Courses

2 x 30-minute phone calls over one week + handouts

Solid Connections: Building Strength, Kindness and Support into Social Media
  1. Ripples and Groups
  2. Friend Management and Ratings

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Sacred Sleep: Learning the Beauty of Self-Care
  1. Increased Immunity and Sick List
  2. Better Sleep Habits and Self-Care

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The Productive Workspace: Assembling the Elements to Help You Work Efficiently
  1. Surrounding Yourself with Love
  2. Focus Training and Limiting Distractions

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Space Discovered: How to Take the Best Breaks
  1. Dream Day and Break List
  2. Anxiety Reducing Practices

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Automation Tips and Traps: Social Media Systems That Work for You
  1. Apps and Scheduling
  2. Flooding and Emergencies

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What my clients are saying...

"You work hard to infuse the clients ideas and not your own."

"That you are personable, easy to converse with, and have a way of interpreting and understanding what it is that they are trying to say. You're like a mind reader."

"She asks just the right questions to help understand your mission, but these questions also help organize your own thoughts and ideas. You'll leave the consultation feeling inspired and motivated.

"You are extremely patient, and very creative, and able to execute your idea in the most organized ways.

"I appreciate your timely replies, emails and sense of caring. I feel you put a lot of time and energy into me as a client. But, I'm also someone that likes people I know I can count on, which is super important and I feel I do with you."
—New Client

"My biggest learning experience was my own growth and figuring out the direction I was going to take. You helped get that out of me, guide me in the right direction. I also trusted you (which I don't with many) that I could run things by you or where I was going, you gave me your honest opinion. You get me and my creative vision — it's been a great business collaboration."

"I always tell my clients and friends how intuitive and easy you are to work with. While working on our projects together, there's always a point where I can almost hear the "click!" when all of the questions and ideas snap together in a way that I might not have considered before. During the process, I've always felt that my input was truly heard with all of my feelings considered. That's a big deal for creatives and since you are one, that familiarity shines through!"

Frequently Asked Questions

Who calls who?
I will call you.

Can you accommodate a fluctuating schedule?
You get to pick the dates and times of our coaching appointments that work best for you with my scheduler. They don't have to be the same days both weeks.

What if I fall sick?
I can easily reschedule if you contact me 24 hours before our coaching appointment. If it's the same day, my availability for your next appointment may have to be pushed out a bit. I can also be available to live chat with you at your appointment time if that helps.

Do I need to purchase any other materials or apps?
It's possible. I try to find free options whenever I can, but sometimes a tool is totally worth helping you commit to a new habit. Usually apps costs less than $5 and I try not to recommend any with expensive subscriptions. A notebook or journal (it could be one you are already using) is very helpful and I also highly recommend a large wall calendar you can write on (like this dry erase version). Sometimes an online service that automates or organizes a large part of your work or social media use is a great investment and I try recommend ones that are less than $50/month. None of these items are required though.

Is there much homework?
I would estimate about an 20 min to one hour's worth of work after each phone call as each session is different. Some have tracking, others journaling, and some have videos to watch. Creating habits has a bit of homework because you are having to think, act and be mindful of your own time. Some techniques may challenging and others may be easy. I try to break everything down into easy steps, but each person is different. When you are measuring time and tasks day to day, I try to find apps that will measure it for you. There may be some thoughts that you may want to journal and I also have tracking sheets to motivate success. Let me know what helps you the most and we can incorporate it.

Do perform any research?
I do like to include links to pertinent articles, videos or studies that I think will help you motivate you towards success. And if you have some questions I can help track down answers for, I can do so between our first and last phone calls.

Do you also include marketing ideas? Or ways to increase sales?
This is not a marketing program. There are so many good ones out there I would be happy to recommend, but if you are wanting to sign up to increase profit margins or reach more people, this is not the coaching for you. My goal is to help you create healthy habits so you can focus on your work without the burnout. I used to offer marketing consulting so it may slip in here and there though!

Do you offer discounts on multiple courses?
Soon, but not at this time.

Do you offer refunds?
You can get a 50% refund up to 48 hours before your first coaching call (an email will be sent as a reminder 5 days before). After that point it is non-refundable.

Do you offer more DIY downloads?
Eventually, I plan to. I do think one-on-one coaching is the most effective, but I also know that people like to study on their own. If you sign up for the email list, you can be the first to know when more are available.